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It was very hard to try to pin this blog down to one descriptor. It’s related to travel, yes. Travel is as much a part of me as my left leg is, and because of that, I enjoy writing about it. But it’s not just that. I have posts about why I believe it is important to question things, to question everything. I have poetry, though not a lot. I have book reviews, reflections, short stories and memoirs. I don’t have a lot about one thing, but I have a little on many things, which is probably why I keep on coming here. This blog was always meant to be an eclectic space, a virtual notebook that could absorb anything I wrote into it, and never be full.

With time, when people started asking me whether I could write for them too, I decided to widen the scope, to include some information for anyone wishing to employ me for their project. But that was only ever going to be the decorative swirls at the side. The real deal were always the words I felt compelled to share, for whatever reason. I hope you find them compelling too.

So I decided to  add the ‘lifestyle‘, even though you will never read about diets, beauty regimes or fashion advice. That’s not the definition of lifestyle for me. Lifestyle should be an outlook, an approach to life and all its moments. It’s the resolution at the start of the day, and the reflection before you go to sleep. Lifestyle is knowing you’ve failed at something but deciding to try again anyway. Even then, I’m not asking you to change anything you’re unwilling to change in your life. Rather, I start with the premise that, whatever I’m writing, I’ve experienced and I know others have as well. 

Life has this beautiful way of making us feel like we belong, but sometimes, of making us feel very much alone. That’s what I attempt to do with my blog. To reach out with my words, in the hope that they resonate with you too, in the hope that what you find alienating or disturbing, is reflected in these words too. What makes us different is, in the end, what unites us.

I hope you enjoy reading these few words I put together. Leave comments, get in touch, follow on Instagram or Facebook. It’s always so nice to hear from you!

-R x


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