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by Roberta

A little voice spoke up in the darkness once. 

“It would be awfully nice to have some light here.” 

But the other voices, always so critical about everything, hushed it back into silence. At least for a while.

“We would see each other better with just a small flame you know,” it insisted. Soft voice steady, strong even in the dark. But the other voices, the Loud and Gruff, the Annoying, the Arrogant, the Self-conceited – even the Sceptic – gave it no heed. Only the Hopeful, recognising itself in that voice spoke in its defense. It clustered close to it and – woosh! – a tiny flame erupted, casting some light. With light, come the shadows. Off ran the Spiteful and the Envious to hide there, where the warmth could not touch them. And there in the company of the Hateful, they bickered and spat. The little voice, emboldened by the Hopeful spoke again. 

“You know, we could see each other better with a bigger flame. Or maybe, you could come closer?”

The Sceptics, unsure but never dismissive drew closer. The Loud, the Annoying, the Dreamy – even the Proud could not contain their curiosity for long. They squeezed through until they too were in the light. For the first time, they could see and, oh, how beautiful it was to see, to marvel at each other! 

They saw themselves in their true form, they could trace the cracks and spot the weaknesses but in that wholesome light, it did not matter much. Because now, they could finally see the good in each other too.

That’s what the light does – it seeks to heal, not judge. It seeks conversation, not punishment. Where the light touches, Kindness springs. Generosity, Empathy, Patience, they’re born from the light and in the light they bloom.

So the Arrogant bowed its head to the Humble, the Annoying stopped its incessant teasing. And the darkness retreated further and further. In all this happy commotion, the flames spread, the light grew and the little voice born out of darkness and need, could not be found anymore. Instead, it was in each of them now, shining through the cracks. In all the voices the light touched, changed, transformed – LOVE was there. And where there is love, HOPE will always cluster close.

So let there be light.

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