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WORDS – a short introduction.

by Roberta

It was always that simple. Theoretically.


Ever since I can remember picking up a pen, the thrill of writing, the act of creating stories and emotions accompanied me. From scary tales which would strike death-like fear in all who dared read them (hah), and intricate Nancy Drew-esque detective stories, from Peter Pan inspired poems to huge historical sagas which never saw the light of day (or the finish line for that matter), writing – whatever  genre it was – always made me happy.

Blogging kept this love alive because, not only did I have the space to write, but it gave me space which was recognised, shared and perhaps even appreciated. I haven’t written in a while because I felt it needed a change. I couldn’t relate to An Office in the Sky anymore. But I could relate to words. In this little world, words are indeed everything.

I kept kicking the can called “Launch the &*%$£&* Blog” down the road not only because I’m a certified procrastinator (read more here) but because GREAT things take time and Rome wasn’t built in a day and bla bla… No, the truth was I wasn’t inspired much. It’s the thing with writing I’m afraid. It comes and goes like a stubborn lover. You have to be really, but REALLY good to make her stay and I’m afraid I haven’t reached that stage yet. This blog change served not just to give my writing a much needed face-lift, but also to motivate me to write more. 

But, enough about writing politics.

Without further ado, I give you WORDS, my new blogging face. I hope you like it. I think it’s pretty cool.

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