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What do you do?

by Roberta

What do you do when wits turn inside out? When greedy fingers are pressing buttons you’re not too sure they should? Monsters don’t come out at night anymore. They wear suits and ties and build towers of gold, one coin at a time. What do you do when the bubble trembles as it grows, and walls get smaller, the air gets thinner? When principles are twisted and political cries turn out out be lies? Our country is slipping through our fingers and all we can see is dust. What do you do?

You write.

You talk that goddamn elephant out of the room.

You shout, you protest.

You paint slogans on crumbling walls, “Greed was Here.” 

You make your voice heard, however loud, however subdued.

Whatever it is you do, just do. Don’t wait. Don’t be bystanders to changes you have no faith in. Don’t let promises dazzle you – they’re an unsustainable mess of steel and concrete. Don’t let anyone convince you into believing we could be what we are not.  Just DO. For your own sake, for your children.

For this little rock we call home.


I don’t usually write posts of this nature. I don’t feel I’m sufficiently knowledgeable about political or environmental issues, and this blog is definitely not the place for running commentaries. This time round though, I honestly just couldn’t help it. Crane towers on horizons, public beaches turned private, noise & dust pollution to boot, a crippling infrastructure with a future which looks gloomier by the day.

I apologise for this being the umpteenth outcry. But this is not my Malta anymore. And it sucks.

R x

photo credits: @biwster  

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