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Freelance Writing

I offer freelance writing services, including fiction writing, copywriting and proofreading. I've worked with a number of companies needing a variety of articles, with topics ranging from travel to culture, to accountancy.


SEO Services

I'm an SEO by profession, and I'd love to see how we can get your website to rank better for your desired keywords. This service can be rendered independently of the writing services, or combined.

I'm interested. What Should I do?

  1. If you’re interested in one of the services only, click on the Let’s Talk button. This should open your email client. Write down the service you need in the subject field. 
  2. Check our work ethic below on more information on how I work with clients.
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How I Work

Working on any project is only half the deal. Getting to know who I am working with is just as important for me. Understanding your needs helps me deliver a product that goes beyond the technical requirements. Whether this is a travel-oriented feature, or a detailed breakdown of the last budget, getting to know you and your expectation of the final result is essential.

We all come with our own writing style. I hope that with my blog, I can showcase just that. Although I am naturally able to adapt to the field in particular, my personal approach to the task, the tone, the weight, will carry into all commissions. Writing is a very personal affair for me. I try to make every word meaningful and useful in the context it is in, which is why I rarely charge per word for writing assignments, preferring the option of an agreed on lump sum. This avoids unnecessary inflation of words to get the numbers up. I hope you find this attractive and suitable for your needs.

SEO is harder to quantify as it is different for every project. I would therefore need an initial assessment which would reveal the level of effort needed. The process will be transparent and only aspects agreed upon will be worked on. This can be entirely customized according to what your priorities are.

I am available both for personal meetings - though these will be restricted to post 5pm hour slots or Saturday mornings - and calls or emails. I usually prefer meeting clients face to face, at least to kick-start the project. Coffee is an added bonus 🙂

Get in touch, let's discuss your writing and SEO needs.

-R x

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