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I sat down to write.

by Roberta

I sat down to write because, well because I felt I owed it to myself. I think you owe it to yourself to.

Don’t write if you don’t want to. Grab a brush, a guitar, take a dog for a walk. Smile, be kind, help others with their work. Take something apart and put it back together. Read and read some more. Make a puzzle and when you’re done, make a harder one. Take your folks out for tea, go run or join a team.  Get that project done and if you can’t seek help. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you.” Tell yourself you will be fine when you’re not, but be aware of it. Take time to know it for what it is.  Nobody’s fine the whole time, it is how it is.

Say good morning to the sun as it rises, that great golden ball of fire is not much of a talker but it tells you one thing – you’re alive. Good God! You’re alive! Do you know how many people didn’t survive the night? Maybe you don’t. Maybe you do. It doesn’t matter. Because what does, is the fact that you acknowledge the miracle that has happened every day since you were born. That’s it.

I’m not sure what took me on this philosophical spin. Like I said, I just sat down to write because I was on a guilt trip that was weighing me down. I owe it to myself, to take the talents I have and work them. I owe it to the people who have encouraged me year on year, even when I would have been sick at myself for my constant moaning. I owe it to the time that I have, but waste so much of.

We all owe it to ourselves because that great golden ball might not rise for us again. Wouldn’t this have been a total waste of precious time? Time, that ticking, racing, cajoling, dragging sensation. What a miracle to be able to spend it. Our most precious currency is the one we don’t work for the most. What a generation of fools.

Take what you have, your words, your generosity, your resourcefulness, your kindness, your intuitiveness, your strength, your empathy, your creativity, your love, and do something wonderful with it. It doesn’t matter how or what, just as long as you do. Do it now, do it tomorrow. Do a little bit every day.

Because whatever is done well and with love, is never a waste of time.

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