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Yearly Goals & Intentions

Couple goals and intentions
Couple goals & intentions
Individual goals & intentions
Individual goals & intentions

Christmas Shopping List

Christmas Shopping List

Daily Planner

Daily Planner

Monthly Goals

Monthly Goals 1
Monthly Goals 2

Bookish Printables

Book Thoughts
A Year in Books


bookmark 1
One More Chapter Bookmark
Read Me Slowly Bookmark
A Thousand Lives Bookmark
Pressed Flower Bookmark
Pressed Flowers 2 Bookmark
Lean towards the sun bookmark

Quarantine Diaries

A4 Quarantine Diaries Entry Pages Leafy Green
A4 Quarantine Diaries Entry Pages Monochrome
A4 Quarantine Diaries Entry Pages Spotch & Coffee

Free Resources to Download ❤

I’ve always loved creating. When I was younger this was exclusively limited to writing, the creation of strings of words I used to call pretty sentences made me happy. When I discovered digital marketing, I found out ways to make my words look even prettier.

I used to make sheets for my students with all the things they loved the most to try to get them excited about learning. I’d be in charge of any design work needed for bachelorettes or parties. Instagram stories are just another creative outlet for me. The captions, the aesthetics, everything combines to create an image of how you feel. Recently, I’ve started adding downloadable sheets in blog posts because nothing can ever replace the feel of paper. So when I feel strongly about something, I create a sheet for it. I print it, I make extra notes for it, and then I file it away for future reference.  Looking back on them is always a little revelation, a reliving of sorts. You realise how far you’ve come, how much you’ve learnt and grown.

I hope you find these downloadable sheets useful. I intend to keep adding more, special diary entries, planners,individual sheets you can then combine in your own customised diary, one you’ve managed to fill in full. So keep checking back on this page occasionally. Do let me know when or how you use them, or whether anything should be improved. Tag me on your Instagram stories when you do!  Happy writing!

-R x

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