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Pre-Order My Short Story!

by Roberta
Liana and the Seventh Spin
Liana and the Seventh Spin

My short story, Liana and the Seventh Spin will be published in an anthology of short stories. I’m happy to finally announce that pre-orders for the anthology are now open. Your pre-order means a lot to me. If you’re interested in acquiring a copy and reading my story, please fill in the field below with your preferred e-mail address. I will get in touch with you shortly before the book lands, and later to arrange pick-up or delivery and payment. This means you won’t be paying now, but only when the copy is safely in your hands.

Price: €19 (no payment needed now – pay only when you get the book through Revolut, BOV Mobile, bank transfer or cash)

Please be advised that once you sign up, you are committed to buying the book once it arrives, as I would have already paid for the book, shipping and duties. Thank you for understanding 🙂

what is included

The anthology contains a number of different stories across genres. What you’re pre-ordering is essentially a book of short stories, one of which is Liana. The price also includes shipping to Malta, and you’ll be notified when the book is available for pick up or delivery.

Publication and delivery planned for the period leading up to the Christmas festivities.


In May 2021, I entered a contest run by Something or Other Publishing house, and then thought nothing about it. I was quite close to my due date, so you’ll excuse me if somewhere along the way, I had forgotten I entered the contest at all. Later in the year,  the publishing house tells me the story has won a curator award and will progress to the semi-finals. In the end, it won third place in its genre, and that’s why we’re here today – the story will be published in an anthology celebrating all the stories that made the cut in their own genre. 

The idea for “Liana” came to me while on holiday in Sicily in 2020, as I scratched my head over an intro to a story I had started much earlier. It was slightly outside my comfort zone but I loved how it turned out in the end – very different to the idea I had started out with.

Here is a brief synopsis;

“The house that sits by the sea does not age. The villagers fear the eternal dwelling that exists like a fly in an amber stone, but a girl, who dreams of a better life than the one offered in her tiny community, is lured by it. When on her eighteenth birthday she finds a strange object while working on the fields, the house calls to her and she, full of hope and dread, answers.

What she discovers in the timeless house by the sea will change the course of her life over and over again.”

Liana is my first foray into the publishing world, a tiny step to realising THE dream – seeing my name on the cover of a novel. Your support is invaluable. There are no writers without readers, so thank you for being on this journey with me x

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