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Coffee Houses I Love ❤

by Roberta

People who know me well have realized long ago that they can buy my attention with four very simple words, “Let’s grab a coffee.”

It’s something in the kick given by that bittersweet taste, or the creamy froth (the creamier the better) or maybe the latte art, inspiring that perfect Instagram shot. It could just be my romanticized idea of wrapping my hands around the warm cup, book propped against the centerpiece. Or the dream in the drawer of opening a coffee/bookshop in some quaint alley somewhere. Or the pause to take a sip between typing sentences which seem to lead into one another without an end in sight… Sip, Taste, Sigh…

Whatever it is, it was love at first taste and I never once looked back (for the people shaking their head at the idea of drinking so much caffeine, I may be sending out a wrong message – I make sure I drink no more than 2 to 3 cups a day, max. And I do weave a cup of green or oolong tea through my day too. Very rich in antioxidants. #Nerd)

Back to coffee worshipping now: stopping for a coffee in the middle of crazy errand running on Saturday morning is my idea of the perfect oasis. Cappuccino, comfy seat, good company (or solo drinking) and I’m good to face the traffic again. Best pit-stop ever.

Some time ago I decided to start listing down the cafés I visit, but I never really got round to it. Maybe it’s because I don’t consider myself a good critic in this sense – but I do love reading recommendations and I thought this could be just that. Apart from being a kind of forum for everyone to jot down their perfect coffee nook on these islands, naturally.

So here goes nothing, my (definitely not definitive) good guide to my favourite cafés!

  1. Lot Sixty One, Valletta

Best coffee on the island? Without a doubt. Best café deco to boot? Probably. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in character. Love soaking up the minimalist details, reminiscent of coffee shops in Australia, where the brand hails from. I may be a bit biased here since the barista who manages the shop is a dear friend but, hand on heart, I’ve only heard great stuff from everyone else. Lot Sixty One offers coffee drinkers on the island a new coffee experience, with coffee beans roasted to perfection, in-house. And with great plans for the coffee-scene in Malta, things are only going to get better.

  1. Culto, Valletta


Our trips to Valletta are often characterized by frequent stops for coffee. One of our favourite stops is Culto, Italian owners, lovely cappuccinos and Nutella croissants. Nutella, literally oozing between your fingers… We love sitting outside and while my better half flips through the newspaper, I can look at people and make up stories about everyone.

Did I mention the Nutella? To DIE for.


Whatever you say, Valletta is still one of my favorites…

A post shared by TWAY (@scarythuy) on


3. Flora’s, Naxxar

I love this café because of its unique charm. There’s nothing quite like it on the island. Pastel furnishings, cosy atmosphere, quite a large and delicious menu to choose from too. It’s the perfect go-to place for a relaxed hour with your favourite book after work (it’s also less busy then), or a late, lazy breakfast on a Sunday morning. There’s usually a happy, upbeat vibe then which wakes me up the way I like to – with the smell of coffee, the sound of pleasant chatter and French cinnamon toast on a cute dish in front of me. Bliss.


We are open tomorrow from 9 to 4.. book now!!

A post shared by Flora’s (@florastearoom) on

  1. Stanjata, Birkirkara


I’m a sucker for carefully designed places. The wood paneling, the walls sporting bare Maltese rock, the rickety chairs and then the graceful, crystal chandelier to tie it up nicely. I loved the place before I even made the order. The service was brilliant, as was the coffee. I’m sold.


LUNCH BREAK. STANJATA CAFE #stanjata #stanjatacafe #bkara #malta #cafe

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  1. Giorgio’s, Sliema


Those monochrome tiles, the stories I read here (and the stories I’ve imagined) and the great coffee they serve… This used to be my first stop before I got to the office in Sliema and I honestly felt like I built a relationship with the place. I had my favourite table (which I used to race an elderly man for. Not sorry), the waiter knew what to get me before I asked and the barista used to draw cute birds on my coffee when he knew it was for me. I love it at 7.30am, when people are still half asleep and the world is slowly starting to gear up for the new day and I’m either immersed in my fictitious world, or getting the perfect shot for my Instagram account (still not sorry).


The barista must like me Happy Friday! #art #coffee #coffeeart #morning #capuccino #Friday #followfriday #l4l #tiles #monochrome #f4f

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I’m dying to know what your favourites are (so I can visit too!) so please leave a comment below and participate in the poll below! Stay tuned for a second part.


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