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Thanks for visiting! Whether you’re here to read a couple of articles or to drop me a line with whatever you wish to talk about, I’m grateful for your presence.

About Me

I’m Roberta, I’m 30-something year old (not trying to hide my age but it spares me from having to remember to change it every year) and I love writing. That’s all there really is to the why of this space. In 2013, I left Malta, my home, to work with Emirates. This space helped me keep in touch with my loved ones at home, as I recounted my experiences, one layover at a time. Back then, the blog was called An Office in the Sky. Naturally, this needed to change once I was back. Firstly, my office was very much grounded on Earth but more importantly, my experiences and my outlook on things changed. I appreciated more of one thing, and less of another. The only things that remained the same throughout, were the words, and although it was not even my idea to call it as such, it stuck.

Three career changes later and this is me now, an SEO with an affiliate company, with a lot more books on the shelves, and a lot more words accumulated over the years. I’m a happily married wife, back to living in Malta, proud mother of a little boy and a hoarder of memories. I enjoy music, wine, food, spending time on Instagram and generally being bossy. My heroes are strong women from all epochs and walks of  life – Nefertiti, Amelia Earhart, Malala, for their defiance in the face of unfair inequality. I love cats and hope to one day own one, or two, or more.

But enough about me, how about you? Have questions, or just feel like chatting? Use the form below.

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